My Story

Susan Colby

Exploring the world, one craft distillery at a time. 

The craft distilling industry has become a passion and visiting them as I travel around the world, is a dream job. 

I've been a photojournalist for a lot of years, covering everything from sailing, to travel, to the environment and now the booming craft distillery industry. My favorite spirits are rum and gin and I love tasting the creations that so many distillers are experimenting with. And I'm always looking for new distilleries to visit and write about. 

I am affiliated with American Distilling Institute (ADI), which provides me with access to the majority of craft distillers in the United States, and with their expanding reach, distilleries around the world.

Disclosure: I am not a distiller and I am not an expert, just someone who is fascinated by the craft and by the people who are involved in it.


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