south africa

I was fortunate to spend several months in South Africa and visited distilleries in the Cape and KwaZulu Natal, which is my home province.

Tapanga Distillery

Rhum agricole distillery

Tapanga is the first distillery in South Africa to produce Rhum Agricole. A single estate rum, all the vast cane fields are in close proximity to the distillery, critical as in the Zululand hear, fermentation can start as soon as the cane is cut.

18World Craft Distilleries.jpg

Distillery 031- Durban vibe

The names of the spirits from Distillery 031 are unique to this part of the world. And the ingredients included in many of them are indigenous to KwaZulu Natal. All are distilled from local molasses or local sugar cane.

durbanville distillery-3.jpg

durbanville distillery

Six 1000-litre stainless steel fermenting tanks march across the floor, all hoses and pipes leading to Eve, Durbanville Distillery's 1000-litre vacuum still, specially designed and built by Robert and Eugene Kleyn.